Minion Masters - Minion Masters Review

Minion Masters Review

Minion Masters is a fast-paced, easy to learn and hard to master strategy-brawler / Clash Royale esque game which plays out in arena style battles in which players use their decks of cards to strategically spawn their minions in order to win against others.

Too Long Did not Read: 8.5/10, Would definitely recommend, a must when on sale.

Minion Masters plays a lot like most Clash Royale type games but really adds something to the table, with a unique yet similar take on the genre. offering random 2v2, premade 2v2, and 1v1 modes, Minion Masters focuses almost entirely on PvP, so unfortunately if you are not into PvP, there will not be much going for you here and that would be the one instance I would not recommend this game. This game is also unexpectedly really stable for an Early Access game, with bugs and glitches being surprisingly few and far between. I have also found the community to be rather great, generally being friendly and helpful although sometimes the general chat can be quite the salt mine on occassion.

Minion Masters is actually an extremely fleshed out game that takes mechanics from other genres and similar games and mixes it into a beautifully crafted “Master”piece. This is one of the most underrated games I have ever seen and it saddens me to find out just how few people are playing it on Steam and/or watching it on Twitch. I have spent quite a few hours into this game and have found it to be consistently fun as well as challenging. (Sort of like how Hearthstone is with the monthly resets and filling out your collection.)

I highly recommend this game! I truly do! When on sale it can be less than a dollar..I do not even think I waited a week to bump myself up to the premium Edition. I would definitely recommend purchasing Minion Masters, especially if you have some spare cash lying around, it will not be a waste. Get past the pesky bots (you have to vs them until at least Gold) and really enjoy what the developers have going on. They do update the game regularly as it is still in Early Access, but the developers are doing great work! A recent change to a card that was somewhat broken made it extremely reasonable! Now you do not see that thing in literally every deck. So the developers are actively working on fixing problems and exploits within the game regularly. Minion Masters is a competitive market, premium-feeling game yet is priced and sold for almost nothing. It is not even that unrealistic to get the highest rank but know you are going to battle the same 10 people right now…Sometimes like 5 in a row…That might be a selling point to some but I was not a fan. There is a few avatars that still haunt my dreams to this day.

In conclusion, Minion Masters is a great game that is rather unique, cheap (also goes on sale often enough), fun and challenging to play.
Minion Masters would get a definite from me and is a must have, especially over sales and when you have cash lying around.

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