- Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Basic Gold Guide

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Basic Gold Guide

So you’ve just created you first character. He/She’s perfect. Looks just like the hero/villian/mercenary/master thief/assassin you were always meant to be. Well, except for the lack of cashflow…I mean, you can’t say you’re successful without a lot of money…right?

Well I have been playing this game like the filthy role-playing casual I am until recently, when I realised how much more fun it’d be if I was stinking filthy rich…or at least moderately wealthy. So I’ve compiled a few tips that have helped me gain some moola casually (and quite…grindally?) while out exploring Tamriel.

This is my preferred method of gaining cashflow as it doesn’t mess with the overall gameplay and/or roleplaying aspects by being grindy. It is a lot slower though.
1.) Join a trading guild. Any one will do really, as long as they have a guild trader you’re all good.
2.) Download and activate a merchant addon…I personally use MasterMerchant. You can get it here:   MasterMerchant Addon
3.) Level up 1 or 2 craft skills. You don’t have to grind them up, just need to get it to the point of getting some stuff literally dumped in your inventory, via the hireling ‘skill’ and having the resources highlighted when you pass them. I personally recommend the Alchemy and Enchanting skills. (You may want to spend some gold on your inventory size, it’s really useful in general).
4.) Whilst on your travels, simply collect materials as you pass them by, don’t bother with items worth less than 40 gold unless you have plenty of space…
5.) Whenever you stop off at a town, make a friendly visit to the local bank, find one of the many eager bankers, go to the guild store option and simply dump the items. I recommend selling in 5’s or 10’s and for a slightly reduced price to increase chances of a sale.
6.) Wait for profit ^^.
P.S. You can also stop off at guild traders, peruse the items on sale, grab an item that is selling for a bit/lot lower than its worth and sell it yourself \[*v*]/
P.P.S If your craft skills are high enough later on, you can make items that are worth quite a decent amount to sell to other players.

So that was my list of tips, I really hope it helps you on your path to wealth in ESO. There are other ways, plenty more if you have the expansions, but I don’t mention them cause they won’t be for everyone.
Have a good one and I’ll see you in the digital worlds (.^v^.)


This is a very rough guide, I recommend checking out my more in-depth Fishing Guide here!

1.) You want to grind up some bait, or buy from a guild trader. Do not buy simple bait! It doesn’t always give you fish, instead you can get used bait a lot of the time, which is useless and will have you draining fishing holes inefficiently.

2.) Simply go from fishing hole to fishing hole. You’ll slowly stack up on different varieties of fish, as well as trophy fish for the Master Angler achievement and occasionally a Wet Gunny Sack, which basically acts like a Heavy Sack.

3.) Once you have grinded up a stack (200) or two, you can;

a) filet the fish, which will give you the fish ingredient and a small (~1%) chance to get Perfect Roe, a rare and valuable ingredient.

b) Sell the stacks at your guild trader.

Maths: So on average, you’ll get roughly 10-15 fish per hole. Each zone can have up to 50 fishing holes, though it varies per zone. I’ll go with a rough number of 30 holes. So if you just go to each hole in a zone that’s ~ 500 fish. For some reason, different types of fish go for different prices on the market, from anywhere between 60g to 100g per fish. I’ll go with a median of 80g per fish. Perfect Roe tend to sell for ~11 000 gold each.

If you went with a): If you sell all 500 fish for 80g each, that’s a potential 40 000 gold! Though you may get less or more depending on what fish you catch.

If you went with b): If you risk filleting your fish, 1% of 500 is 5. So if you hit the mark at 1% that’s a potential 55 000 gold. Though you may get less or more depending on your RNG.

This can be a rather long, tedious and boring process if you let it get to you. I recommend playing some music or, if you have another monitor, watch a movie, stream, etc.


*warning* You will NOT be popular among the popo. You may want to create another character to use for PvP, who’ll do this and dump the cash in the bank.
1. Find an area with a decent NPC population, with few to no guards. I recommend a little place outside the Dragonstar Arena, there are no guards, a ton of NPCs and they respawn rather quickly.

DragonstarArena 300x300 - Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Basic Gold Guide
Dragonstar Arena Location

2.) Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll become a mass murdering psychopath ^^.
3.) Murder and loot, Murder and loot, Murder and loot, Murder and loot.
4.) Dump all you’ve ripped off their cold dead, still warm with their blood, hands at the nearest Oulaws Refuge for some instant cash flow.
5.) Sneak on to the bank and dump all that bloodmoney for your real character, who’s not such a bad guy/gal. Don’t worry, the banks do not care where the money comes from, just like in real life.
6.) Rinse and repeat.

Here’s another way that can get you money rather quickly, although it is also rather illegal but no bounty will be on your head, so long as you’re not caught. You can grind this or just do it now and then.
1.) Literally go to every market and house in a town, find and loot strongboxes. Just remember, NPC’s can’t actually look down, so don’t forget to sneak and you’re set.
Confession. They are really ignorant of their surroundings but not THAT bad…just sneak and be aware where they’re looking and you’ll be fine.

2.) Head to the nearest Outlaws’ Refuge, and sell the stolen items to a fence. Note that there’s a daily limit to how many stolen items you may sell to a fence, depending on your legerdemain skills.

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