Fishing - Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Fishing Guide

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Fishing Guide

So you want to try your hand in getting the Master Fisher achievement? Or wanting to grind for Perfect Roe?

This guide will go in detail on how to do just that!

I recommend installing these two addons: Rare Fish Tracker and Votan’s Fisherman. They each add something of use and are great overall, used separately or together.

Firstly, some ground knowledge. There are different types of fishing holes; Ocean, Lake, River and Foul. And each one requires a different type of bait. If you use the incorrect bait you may still get fish, but you may also get Used Bait, which sells for nothing, is used for nothing, and overall just wastes your time. You can buy Simple Bait from a merchant but they are just as bad as using the wrong bait. Each fishing hole also drops one kind of bait that can be used at another type of fishing hole.

Here’s a list of each type of fishing hole, what bait they need, and what they drop.


Ocean fishing holes can be found, well, by the ocean.

They require either Worms or Chub as bait, and drop Longfish & Dhufish. They drop Minnow as bait.


Lake fishing holes can be identified by any still water that is surrounded by land (and doesn’t have dead bodies/contamination of any kind).

They require either Guts or Minnow as bait, and drop Silverside Perch & Spadetail. They drop Shad as bait.


River fishing holes can be identified as any water flowing in a single direction.

They require either Insect Parts or Shad as bait, and drop River Betty & Salmon. They drop Fish Roe as bait.


Foul fishing holes are very similar to lakes, except that they have some form of contamination, whether it is corpses, poison, etc.

They require either Crawlers or Fish Roe as bait, and drop Slaughterfish & Trodh. They drop Chub as bait.

  • Worms can be gathered while harvesting plants, looting Flesh Heaps & Torture Cages, and are dropped by undead.
  • Guts can be harvested from small animals such as rats, frogs, chickens, pony guar, etc.
  • Insect Parts can be harvested from insects like butterflies, torchbugs, etc. (Note that you can just walk up to them and take the bait)
  • Crawlers can be gathered by killing spiders, scribs & centipedes. Can also get from looting Flesh Heaps and harvesting planst

Farm Locations:

Worms: Coldharbour – The Vile Laboratory. Run around killing undead mobs, there’s plenty of them and takes enough time for respawns and repeats. Will also get plenty of Crawlers as well.

Coldharbour 300x271 - Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Fishing Guide

Guts: There are quite a few locations where you can farm guts, but Sacred Leap Grotto, in Grahtwood, is by far my favourite as it has plenty of frogs, in one concentrated area and with super quick respawn times.

Grahtwood 300x283 - Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Fishing Guide

Insect Parts: There is a spot in Eastmarch, by the river near Giant’s Run Dolmen, where there are a fair amount of insects. Just run up and down the river.

Eastmarch 300x256 - Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Fishing Guide



Okay, so now we actually get to fishing. This bit is rather simple. Simply go from fishing hole to fishing hole, using the correct bait. How you will fish does depend on if you are trying to get the “Master Fisher” achievement or are grinding for Perfect Roe/Gold.

MASTER FISHER: You will want to find a few friends to hasten the progress. I also highly recommend the Rare Fish Tracker Addon for this as it tracks all the fish you’ve caught and which that you still need for each zone’s fishing achievement, which you need for “Master Fisher”. To maximise RNG and how many fish per hole, you want your group to be no bigger than 4-5 players. Anything above that will fish out a hole a lot quicker and have no affect on RNG. Once you have assembled your fishing crew, run from fishing hole to fishing hole, until you have caught all the rare fish for that zone, then move to the next. Note that you only need to complete all the base game zones to get the achievement. You may go in whichever order suits you best, but I do recommend trying to only come back to a hole ~10mins after you’ve fished it out, as that’s how long they take to replenish. If you’re going for the achievement, I highly recommend working on becoming a Master Provisioner as well. You can earn money selling food made from your filleted fish and either sell any “Perfect Roe” you may find or use for making Psijic Ambrosia, the +50% experience drink.

GOLD GRIND: This is much better done solo, as you want to maximise how many fish you can get per hole. It doesn’t matter which holes you fish in as you are just trying to gather as many fish as possible. You’ll want to find a zone with a high concentration of fishing holes, in pretty close proximity to each other. I prefer to do this around Ebonheart, in Stonefalls.

Stonefalls 300x300 - Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Fishing Guide

Once you have a decent amount of fish, there are two things that you can do. Either, you can filet the fish for a chance at getting Perfect Roe, or you can sell your stacks at one of your guild traders. I’ll compare both, using averages to help you decide which you’d prefer to do. On average, you’ll get roughly 10 fish per hole, with a rougher number of an average of 30 holes in a zone. So if you only do a single run, you’ll, again very roughly, get around 300 fish. We’ll work with that number for the comparison.

Perfect Roe – Your chances of getting a Perfect Roe is ~1% per fish. So with 300 fish, with an exact 1% you’ll have 3 Perfect Roe. On PC they sell for around 10 000 gold each. So that’s ~30 000 gold! This may be more or less depending on your RNG.

Sell as is – Unfilleted fish vary in price, from ~65 gold to ~95 gold per fish. I’ll work with a median of 80 gold per fish, though it may be more or less depending on the price of the fish you sell. If you sell all 300 for 80 gold, that’s an easy 24 000 gold!

What you decide to do with your catch is entirely up to you, I won’t recommend any of them as RNG varies. Selling them as is is the safest option but filleting for Perfect Roe can be far more lucrative, especially when the RNG gods favour you!


I truly hope that this Guide helps you on your journey with fishing in Elder Scrolls Online. Good luck out there!

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