EcbBRme - Speedrun: Puss!

Speedrun: Puss!


PUSS 2020 08 11 9 40 30 PM1 1 - Speedrun: Puss!
This is relatively sane.

In this exclusively Rockslide Media series, I will be talking about the various games I have played.  These will be shorter examinations in comparison to my normal writings.  I hope they are informative and fun to read.  They will take about a page worth of content, but I hope that it will spark curiosity and discussion.

The good

I have found nothing particularly wrong with the game from a performance point of view.  

Puss is a very story light game about a cat getting sucked into a TV and finding itself having to battle satanic stock assets in a bullet hell avoid them up.  The story is motivation and little else, perfectly fine if cheapening the imagery.

The gameplay loop is simple and easy to grasp if you have ever played the Scary Maze Game.  All you have to do is guide the cat to the exit without touching the walls or space.  Things are spiced up a little bit with pattern memorization and becoming familiar with the level layout.  There is some fun to be hand.

The bad

The audio-visual design is the main reason why I am not finishing Puss,  simply because it hurts me.  I can respect Teamcoil’s successful commitment to the LSD mess as I will never really forget it.  But it also hurts me,  the visual stimulus is simply too much/painful for me.  I found myself not having any fun with the game,  it had become an endurance test rather than a game I would want to spend time with.  I was aware of the sort of game I was getting into,  and I knew the risks involved.  This game is not for me.  But I am glad that it has found a player base. 

PUSS 2020 08 09 8 34 17 PM1 1 - Speedrun: Puss!

But the difficulty curve often forces the player to traverse the same puzzles over and over again. The difficulty curve can become rather stop and start as a result.  The bosses are also both extremely challenging but also rather repetitive,  typically involving avoiding the mass of projectiles until the bar or opportunity arises and you abuse your left mouse button until the bar is empty.  Rinse and repeat until failure or success.  Should you fail then you have to do the entire world all over again,  and you will fail because you haven’t had the time to memorize the patterns.   Having to do the same levels and bosses over and over again with very little skill involved (asides from dodging projectiles) kind of sours the spectacular and makes the experience an annoyance. 


Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.02 1 - Speedrun: Puss!

I might have been able to finish Puss if it were not for the visuals and audio.  But with the constant barrage of flashing lights and bright colors along with the audio personification of that.  I respect if even if I found it unbearable. 

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