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SpeedRun: Bioshock Infinite


BioShock Infinite Screenshot 2020.07.20 1 - SpeedRun: Bioshock Infinite
There is always a lighthouse.

The Bioshock series is a series known for pushing the artistic limits of video games. A highly respectable and intelligent series that I love dearly.  Bioshock Infinite is a very ambitious game that explores narrative themes, notoriously difficult to execute well.  It is an utterly fantastic game that (just like the first one) pushes narrative and explores unique themes in dystopian fiction. 

The Good

Ken Levine is a very ambitious man when it comes to video games.  The Bioshock series has been known to tackle the difficult subject matter. These include but are not limited to Objectivism, Free will, Libertinism, Socialism, American Exceptionalism, Time Travel, and Alternative Reality. The latter three apply to Infinite and are notoriously difficult to write well (even by most skilled writers).  But Infinite can explore these themes and more extremely well. While not getting confusing or creating plot holes.

BioShock Infinite Screenshot 2020.08.01 1 - SpeedRun: Bioshock Infinite
“I was going to tell you they’d come.”

The skylines are a brilliant means of navigating the combat areas and turn what could have been a by the numbers FPS into something infinitely (pardon the pun) more enjoyable.  It makes what is otherwise a linear corridor into a living breathing world. Elizabeth’s power to warp in healing items, guns, or mechanized patriots. It is extremely useful as help is almost always in short supply.  Considering that she can only create one at a time does intensive the player to adapt to the situation on the fly.  The guns feel great to use and are varied enough so they don’t become dull.

The Bad

The AI can be a little stupid sometimes. This is more of a problem in the DLC than in the main game. But they had a rather bad tendency to not attack or notice the player when they should.  They sometimes get caught in loops that made a stealth approach very easy. They jumped back and forth between two points in a predictable manner. 

BioShock Infinite Screenshot 2020.07.27 1 - SpeedRun: Bioshock Infinite
It won’t last long.

The game is poorly optimized; I had consistently low frame rate and inconsistent frame rate.  This is a thing according to the discussion forums on Steam.  It is not as egregious as Bioshock Remastered. But still very noticeable regardless. 


BioShock Infinite Screenshot 2020.08.04 1 - SpeedRun: Bioshock Infinite

I wish Bioshock Infinite was better optimized. The persistent frame rate drops were highly distracting.  But I think unlike Bioshock Remastered, it is not as bad.  I believe storytelling is Infinite’s strongest point.  With a rich cast of characters and challenging themes. Bioshock Infinite most certainly takes the player on a wild ride.  But I do not want to forget the gameplay. It is perfectly fun, challenging, and exhilarating. 

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