capsule 616x353 - Speedrun: Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask

Speedrun: Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask


Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask is an upcoming Point and Click survival horror game that I was made aware of on Kickstarter.  I am not sponsored by Red Martyr Entertainment for this post, so please don’t think of this as an endorsement.  I am interested in new titles that might be ignored or buried under the guff that is Steam’s new releases. 

The good

The atmosphere is like a sheet of whale bubbler on the player.  Helped by the wonderful visuals and sound design.  Saint Kotar (the town) is threatening in a persistently subtle way.  The fog is claustrophobic and eternal.  The locals mention aspects of the town that suggest more then what is said. Red Martyr Entertainment understands that less is more when creating an unsettling atmosphere, even though nothing much technically happens. 

Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.25 - Speedrun: Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask
In my restless dreams..

I am curious to see how Red Martyr Entertainment can maintain the atmosphere for a full game, but I am interested in the end product.  A lot of Point and Click adventures suffer from a design problem known as moon logic.  You know the sort, the kind of logic that starts with you needing to clean a car and ends with you killing a mummy during a presidential race.  Fortunately, Saint Kotar doesn’t have this problem; the puzzles (while simple) are easy to work out provided you have a brain. There could however be more verity in the puzzles (they tend to amount to finding item A to place with item B) but that is for the full game. 

The bad

Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.22 - Speedrun: Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask
Beg for forgiveness.

The dialogue suffers from some exposition dumps.  There is an issue with a tell don’t show that causes the interactions between the characters to become awkward.  Even more so when you know that the characters in-universe would know motivations for coming to the spooky cultist town.  I suppose it was due to time constraints but we didn’t have to know everything explicitly.  The power of suggestion is stronger then explanation, especially in a horror game. 


I think Saint Kotar worthwhile to keep an eye on.  The atmosphere is top-notch and the gameplay (while simple and rather easy) is engaging and doesn’t suffer from moon logic. I hope that the full game can maintain the tension displayed in the demo.   

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