About Us

Who We Are

Here at RockSlide Media we love to write on everything gaming, if it’s news, reviews, guides or anything in between, you’ll definitely find it here!

We cover all that we believe that fellow gamers find interesting, big or small. We may be a rather small group, but we are dedicated and passionate, and are always looking to improve our site and to better our content for you, our audience.

Meet The Team

8ce3854973ac8590 profile image 300x300 - About Us Michael-John “Kermadecc” Redelinghuys

Writer, artist and programmer, aspires to actually work developing games of his own one day.

Currently heading RockSlide Media, and manages the overall site.

Email – kermadecc@rockslidemedia.co.za 


brandon lee burrows 300x300 - About Us

Brandon “Spastic-Panda” Lee

Our resident 3D modeler. If it’s art/graphics related, whether it’s a Blender tutorial or actual art/3D models, he’s your guy.

Manages some of the graphical side of this site.


9aafe2 e88e81635cda4d7684753cdc615acf3emv2 d 4961 4961 s 4 2 1 300x240 - About Us

Stuart “Good Hunter” Tudor

A part time game reviewer and aspiring academic/fiction writer, as well as a hopeful streamer/Youtuber. Currently reviews games and writes articles for RockSlide and his own site Imaginative Ramblings.